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Yamaha outboard engine filling oil attention
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Yamaha outboard engine filling oil attention

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Yamaha outboard engine filling oil attention

I. daily refueling instructions for yamaha outboard aircraft

Use only fresh, clean gasoline stored in a clean container and not contaminated with water or foreign matter. Regular unleaded gasoline is recommended.

If there is a knock or mild knock, please switch to other brand of gasoline or premium unleaded gasoline.

If you don't have unleaded, use premium.

If you normally use leaded gasoline, check the engine valves and associated components after every 300 hours of operation.


Yamaha outboard machine maintenance oil change instructions

All four - stroke engines are shipped without engine oil.

Four-stroke engine oils with the following SAE and API grades are recommended.

Engine oil type SAE: 10w-30 or 10w-40

Engine oil type API: SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ, SL

Engine oil volume (excluding oil filter) : 1.0 l (1.06 us quarts) (0.88 British quarts)


Refueling matters needing attention

Gasoline and its steam are highly flammable and explosive!

Stop the engine before adding fuel.

2. Do not smoke when adding fuel, maintain good ventilation, and stay away from sparks, flames or other ignition sources.

3. Do not spill gasoline. If you do, wipe off immediately with a dry cloth.

4. Don't overfill the fuel tank.

5. After adding fuel, firmly tighten the oil filler cap.

6. Contact the fuel nozzle with the oil nozzle or funnel to prevent the generation of electrostatic spark.

7. If you swallow gasoline, inhale large amounts of gasoline vapor, or if gasoline enters your eyes, seek medical attention immediately.

8. If gasoline spills on the skin, wash it off with soap and water immediately; If the gasoline spills on the clothes, please change them in time.



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