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Key points for anchoring operation of aluminum fishing boat
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Key points for anchoring operation of aluminum fishing boat

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Key points for anchoring operation of aluminum alloy fishing boat

The anchor of aluminum alloy fishing boat can not only make the ship safely berth in the anchorage, but also play the following roles:

1. Emergency braking

To stop a ship's advance by anchoring. Often, when backing out, an emergency halt is made by dropping the bow-anchor.

2. Control the horizontal movement

When the ship is driving alongside the wharf, it often USES to throw away the anchor, in order to control the moon friends white to the wharf lateral movement, throw away the anchor, can control the forward speed.

3. Help turn around

Turning in narrow waters, such as the depth of the water and the bed bottom is suitable for anchoring, often can use the anchoring head operation method, so that the ship smoothly turned.

4. Inhibit deflection

When the ship needs to carry out a long distance retreat, in order to ensure that the ship can do linear movement, under the condition of riverbed sediment permit. The anchor chain can be braked when the head anchor is dropped to the bottom, and the anchor can be dragged and the deflection of the ship can be restrained.

5. Assist depilation

After a ship runs aground, a longboat can often be used to carry the anchor to a distance (against the wind, the direction of the flow) and throw it down. Key points of anchorage operation:

Operation of aluminum alloy fishing boat should pay attention to the following points:

(1) headcurrent and headwind are the principles, and keep the safe residual speed of anchoring, that is, slow forward or backward speed.

(2) the left and right anchors should be used in turn: the prisoner's anchor chain is stored in the anchor chain warehouse for a long time, which is easy to rust and become brittle, and reduces the anchor chain's service life.

(3) when the wind and waves are heavy, the boat should be under enough water to prevent the ship from hitting the bottom in the wind and waves. When anchoring in shallow water, the anchor should be prevented from touching the bottom of the ship. When the depth under the boat is less than lm, do not resort to emergency anchoring.

(4) to maintain the safe residual speed of anchoring: due to the improper operation of the ship, it often happens that the brake belt of the windlass is burned out or the anchor chain is broken, the main key is that the ship speed is not well controlled. The safe residual speed of anchoring refers to the actual speed of the ship before anchoring (the speed of the ship in the water ten velocity), not due to the anchor chain in case of brake or anchor card bottom can not drag and cause the accident.

(5) when there are many anchoring ships in the anchorage, it is advisable to cast anchor under the wind of his ship. If it is necessary to make a u-turn with the current, it is advisable to make a u-turn under his ship.

(6) principles of deep-water anchoring and precautions for anchoring.



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