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Diving skills you can practice at home
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Diving skills you can practice at home

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-28      Origin: Site

Diving skills you can practice at home

          From China to Italy, covid-19 has led to quarantines around the world. For divers, self-isolation is a little more difficult than for other partners. We prefer to be in the sun, feeling the salt water on our skin, diving into the new world beneath the waves. This is especially true in times of chaos. There's no place like blue. There are no sad news reports, no frantic shoppers, no intense work in the ocean. At the bottom of the sea, fish and sea creatures continue to be busy as usual. There is nothing like the tranquility of being underwater. While self-isolation can be difficult for divers, there are ways to use this time to improve your diving skills. Here are five diving techniques you can practice at home so you can prepare for your next dive trip


          Navigation is easy for some people to learn in class, but these skills require constant practice. It's easy to forget the basics of navigation because some dives don't require a compass, such as wall dives, and many people like to dive with a guide at all times. If you're stuck at home and you have a compass, use it! Practice different search modes, such as U mode or expanding the square, until you don't have to think twice about it. If you are a wonderful person, you can even make a map of your house to imitate the diving site map. Use your imagination!

          Fish identification

          The ID of the fish is something that most divers have slowly learned over the years. With every dive, we see something new and learn about the facts of what we see in the sea, but it takes time to become a person who impresses everyone in the dive shop with a rich knowledge of fish. Now, we all have time to become fish experts in the comfort of our own homes! Flip through a fish book or review online resources until you've developed a vast encyclopaedia of knowledge around the subject       

          Breathing techniques

          Long, deep breaths are the right way to breathe when diving. It may sound simple, but air consumption is a common problem for divers at all levels. Long, deep breaths and deep exhales help prevent problems with underwater nitrogen poisoning and keep divers calm and relaxed underwater. Practicing proper breathing techniques at home will make it easier to master this skill once you're back underwater. Also, meditation is one of the best things you can do at this time.

          Assemble and disassemble diving equipment

          Practice assembling and disguising your diving gear. studio

          For divers with their own gear, now is the best time to really get to know it. Play with different device Settings, such as connecting alternate air sources to different d-rings, and visually inspect each component. Practice assembling and disassembling dive gear until you can complete the task with your eyes closed. You'll never be the last one on a dive boat again!



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