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Conventional maintenance methods for aluminum boats
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Conventional maintenance methods for aluminum boats

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Conventional maintenance methods for aluminum boats

There are many customers who purchase aluminum alloy boats, and they do not pay much attention to maintenance after they think that aluminum alloy boats are more durable. Adhering to routine maintenance can extend the use time of aluminum alloy boats.

1. Aluminum alloy boat coating protection:

      Use suitable ship paint to cover the ship's parts with the correct process to isolate the steel surface of each part of the ship from the external corrosive environment. Coating protection is an economical and effective method for ships. The rationality, scientificity, effectiveness, and economy of ship coating protection are important. The key lies in a reasonable coating supporting system, correct construction technology, and scientific management methods.

2. Electrochemical protection of aluminum alloy boats:

Electrochemical protection is a protection method that reduces or disappears the potential difference of corrosive primary cells, and can be divided into two categories: positive and negative protection. Positive protection refers to a method of connecting the protected metal to an external DC power supply to reduce the corrosion rate of the metal. Overcast

The principle of protection is to reduce the rate of male corrosion dissolution by applying negative current to the structure to be protected.

3. Welding requirements for pure aluminum alloy ships:

    In order to make the pure aluminum alloy ship have a longer service life, we must master the following requirements when welding it:

    1. Before welding, use mechanical or chemical methods to remove oxides from the workpiece groove and the surrounding parts and the surface of the welding wire.

    2. Qualified protective gas shall be used for protection during welding.

    3. In gas welding, flux is used to continuously break the oxide film on the surface of the molten pool with the welding wire during the welding process.

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